About Us

At StrongHearts, we strive to provide the Comox Valley with cutting edge training and a supportive community that allows people to achieve their potential, become fitter than they though possible, resolve longstanding chronic pain, and move like they are kids again.  We want to help you recapture the joy of movement and banish chronic injuries from your life. Imagine being able to jump into any sport or activity on a moment’s notice and talking about the awesome experience you had the next day – not shuffle around and complaining about how stiff and sore you are. Imagine trying new activities on vacation cause they sound fun – without a worry or thought about whether or not you’ll be able to do it. Imagine your life filled with boundless energy and lightning fast recovery, remember that spring in your step as a kid? Get it back. All that and more is what mastering quality movement can do!

Movement, especially efficient, effective, quality movement, is fundamental to a healthy, happy life. Humans are meant to move, in fact must move, to stay healthy. StrongHearts teaches people like you how to move better, because we know if you move better you will feel better. It worked like that for us, and it works like that for every person we’ve ever met – it’s kind of a natural law =)

We understand that for most people going to the gym is not the goal – it’s what going to the gym provides. Maybe that’s having more fun playing pick up baseball? Or keeping up with the young guns on the local trails? How about exploring new peaks or awesome whitewater? Maybe it’s looking better naked? Everyone’s goals are different but we’ve never met someone who wanted to be less mobile, weaker, and more injury prone!

Our future clients are currently looking for something different. The gym became boring, or they got hurt last time they tried to up the intensity. Or they keep getting plagued by injuries after long runs or rides. They have lost the joy that they had for movement when they were kids. They’re working out because they feel they should, not because they love to. That’s not right – and StrongHearts want’s to change those feelings. We live in the Comox Valley, one of the most amazing places in the world, with boundless recreational activities and physical challenges at our doorstep. At StrongHearts we want everyone to be able to get out there and take advantage of it!

StrongHearts exists to help you learn to love moving again – to get out and experience the world as a vibrant, pain-free, energetic person who is up for any challenge and who can take on any task. We want to help you be the person your 10 year old self saw that you could be. Carpe Deim!