• Wilderness Survival Workshop – Fire Making
    Ever thought about learning wilderness survival? Come spend the afternoon learning the secrets of one of the most important survival skills. FIRE MAKING!! We can purify water, cook food, raise morale, and most importantly warm ourselves with fire. A single day exposed to the elements can lead to hypothermia, heat stroke or death. Why not […]
  • Free Member Workshop: Tai Chi Push Hands
    StrongHearts is excited to host another free member workshop focused on Tai Chi, specifically the push hands component.  Come on out and experience this amazing practice! Taijiquan Sensing Hands, with Ed Cooper Taijiquan, (tai chi chuan) is a martial art that evolved a few hundred years ago from other styles of Chinese martial arts. Today […]
  • Building Social Skills through Movement – An ASD focused program
    This one hour small group session is for children with ASD who want to connect with other children in a fun, warm and supportive environment while learning foundational physical movements. The group class will involve games, activities and learning to enhance both basic social skills and basic movement skills. There are two sessions being offered, […]
  • FREE Member Workshop: Wild Mushroom Walk
    Join D’arc for another informative trek through the forest.  We will learn about local edible and medicinal mushrooms in depth, and hopefully gather a bunch as well.   Details: Date/Time: Sat October 14th 1-3pm Investment: FREE for members, $20 for Non-Members Location: TBD once we see where the mushrooms are blooming =) Click here to […]
  • Wilderness Survival Skills Workshop: Shelter Building
    Ever thought about learning wilderness survival? Come spend the day learning the secrets of the most important survival skill there is. SHELTER BUILDING!! We can survive one week without water, and one month without food, but a single day exposed to the elements can lead to hypothermia, heat stroke or death. Why not come learn […]
  • 9 Session Outdoor Introduction to MovNat Program from StrongHearts
    Learn the basics of natural movement with Laura Stewart, a Level 2 Certified MovNat Instructor, as she teaches you such skills as balancing, climbing, crawling, ground work, catching, throwing and more though this 9 session introduction to MovNat program. Laura will take you to various outdoor locations throughout the Comox Valley to learn and practice […]
  • Wilderness Survival 24 Hour Solo or Family Solo Camp
    StrongHearts is excited to offer a new and exciting weekend wilderness skills camp!  A lot of people have worked on developing wilderness survival skills, but have never had the opportunity to put them into practice or test them.  This camp is your chance! Who it’s for: Anyone interested in testing their wilderness survival skills in […]
  • 2017 StrongHearts Summer Youth Camps and Programs
    StrongHearts is excited to offer several summer camps this July and August! Scroll Down for camp options and the registration form. CAMP POLICIES Please send kids with sunscrean, an hat, appropriate clothing and snacks/water.  Please don’t send allergens in snacks (ie peanuts etc) as some may be allergic. Drop off and pick up, please be […]
  • 10 Weeks to WonderWoman! Women’s only Fitness Transformation Program
    WonderWomen, StrongHearts Women’s Only Strength & Fitness Program 10 Weeks of full body strength and cardio training in a FUN and FRIENDLY environment. This class is about making friends, building confidence and transforming your body.  Be ready for tough full body strength and cardio training that we can tailor to any fitness level and a […]
  • Introduction to Women’s Violence Protection and Control at StrongHearts in the Comox Valley
    Introduction to Women’s Violence Protection and Control Course: This introductory level course for women of all ages is designed to instruct you on several levels: Awareness: learn to really see what’s around you and how to perceive potential trouble, and strategize quickly. Ability: the technical skill with weapons and empty hands, to the extent where […]
  • StrongHearts Introduction to Escrima and Filipino Martial Arts
    INTRODUCTION TO ESCRIMA Escrima is the hybrid weapons and empty hands fighting system developed over hundreds of years in the Philippines. It is characterized as “stick fighting” but incorporated edged weapons as well as impact. Learn more about it with this introductory 6 class series module! Class 1: Stick- using a stick as a weapon […]
  • Join the StrongHearts Whole Life Challenge Team and Start 2017 with a bang!
    Just for a minute consider something… Consider who you want to be in 2017. If you were at the very top of your health and well-being, what would you feel like? What would your family members and friends say about you? How much energy would you have? So fast-forward and paint yourself a picture: What […]
  • 10 Weeks to Wonder Woman! Women’s only Transformation program at StrongHearts Fitness in the Comox Valley
    Becoming Wonder Woman – 10 Weeks to transform you body and your life! Over 10 weeks as you workout and mind your nutrition you will notice increased strength and confidence, fat loss, and a change in the shape of your body. You will become more agile and mobile. You will notice increased energy and better […]
  • StrongHearts Workshop: Breathing for Performance
    Breathing is the very center of performance. People must learn to breathe correctly if they want to move better and perform at a higher level, be it at a sport or on a day to day basis. Breathing is something we do upwards to 20,000 times a day and, unfortunately, most people demonstrate poor, or […]
  • 6 week SkiFit training camp at StrongHearts!
    Join Morgan Klieber for 6 weeks of awesome pre ski season conditioning and injury prevention training! The SkiFit Training Camp is 6 weeks long on Tuesday nights for 1 hour. First class: Nov 1 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm The cost for the course is $90+ tax and you can email to register. ($60 for members) We will […]