Our Classes

With small class sizes, you’ll quickly see the benefits of our personal group exercise experience. We offer 5 main streams of class based programming in addition to one on one personal training. Check them out below and Contact Us to try a FREE session!

Comox Valley CrossFit Training at CrossFit Courtenay:

CrossFit in the Comox ValleyStrongHearts Fitness is the home of CrossFit Courtenay, a licenced CrossFit affiliate.  We offer CrossFit classes 6 days a week.  CrossFit is one of the fastest ways to get into great shape – and develop useful, well rounded fitness. A typical CrossFit class consists of a dynamic warm up, skill and strength work, a conditioning workout, and a mobility based cool down.  We have been teaching CrossFit since 2004 and love working with athletes of any fitness level or background.



Comox Valley KettleBell Fitness Training:

KettleBell Fitness in the Comox ValleyWe love Kettlebells at StrongHearts Fitness!  We offer our Kettlebell Fitness classes 5 days a week.  Kettlebell training is intense, extremely effective, yet eminently scalable.
Kettlebells are a dynamic fitness tool that allow you to achieve much more in less time by blurring the lines between strength and cardio training. They are designed to help you build muscle and burn fat during intense drills and workouts.
StrongHearts Kettlebell classes will help you develop strength and flexibility while building an incredible cardiovascular system in minimal time.  You will melt bodyfat and get lean while also building a resilient, durable body that is resistant to injuries – especially strengthening your back, hips, knees, and shoulders.

MovNat – Natural Movement and Fitness in the Comox Valley:

Comox Valley Fitness in the outdoosStrongHearts Fitness is also home to BC’s first MovNat affiliate (and the second in Canada!) MovNat Vancouver Island.  We are super excited to introduce Natural Movement training to the Comox Valley.  MovNat classes are all about becoming a better mover.  Becoming more efficient and effective regardless of the environment we are moving through.  Our MovNat classes focus on improving our locomotive and manipulative skills while building an extremely functional fitness base.  Expect to work on all aspects of movement – Running, Crawling, Climbing, Jumping, Carrying, Throwing – you name it MovNat will challenge you to do it better and with more mindfulness  MovNat is very similar to a combination of Yoga and Parkour, set in the natural environment.

Combatives – Boxing and Muay Thai in the Comox Valley

BoxingTrainingComoxValleyStrongHearts Fitness is proud to offer both olympic style boxing coaching and traditional Muay Thai to people looking to get an awesome cardio and core workout.  Nothing beats hitting the heavy bag for a total body cardio workout! Our boxing and Muay Thai classes build cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and quickness. We focus on proper technique, power, speed, and footwork, while constantly challenging your conditioning.

Yoga – An Active Hatha Yoga Practice in the Comox Valley

Yoga Classes in the Comox ValleyAn active Hatha Yoga practice focused on alignment and breathing. Focus on your quality of movement and improving your breathing as you increase your mobility and stability.  Become a more flexible, supple you!