The Evolution of Fitness in the Comox Valley! Home of CrossFit Courtenay and MovNat Vancouver Island!

Move Better

Our bodies are designed to move! In fact lack of movement is a huge predictor of sicknesses of all kinds.  Moving well means moving efficiently and effectively, without pain or restriction.  Moving well means being able to react to our environment, at a moments notice.  Most importantly, when you move more, make sure you move well.

Get Fitter

Become the best you – Strong. Fast. Energized. Vibrant.  Become competent in all aspects of fitness; heavy or light, long or short. Become Truly fit – capable and versatile in any environment, and any activity. And then you can: Run. Jump. Climb. Crawl. Lift. Swing. Throw. Balance. Play.



Learn New Skills

Forget the mindless workouts on the machines or treadmills – Learn natural movement patterns that help you everyday!  If you’re not a professional athlete, and to some extent, even if you are, the point of working out is that it permits you to live the life you want to live, whether that’s an adventure race or chasing your grandkids at the park.

Have a ton of Fun!

Join our passionate community! At StrongHearts you’ll make friends and meet like-minded adventurers.  Surrounded by our amazing community you will accomplish more than you ever imagined.  And, you’ll have a ton of fun doing it.  Come on out. Be inspired, and inspire others as we all strive for an extraordinary life.

What We Do


Why Train With Us?

Body Rows on Rings

StrongHearts fitness training programs (whether you are focused on our CrossFit, MovNat, or Kettlebell streams) are based on a foundation of quality natural movement.  Moving the way that nature intended us to will allow you to build  strength, speed, and endurance. And, it will ensure that your fitness transfers to life outside of the gym.  We firmly believe that performance in the gym is not the end goal, what is, is how that performance transfers to the sports and activities you are passionate about.

We are excited to bring a holistic view of fitness training to the Comox Valley, combining the intensity and competition of CrossFit with the mindfulness and practicality of MovNat.

We assess every person that walks through our door because after all, a program can only be as good as the assessment. We train quality movement first – taking both physical and mental training into account.  Here are a few more reasons to train at Courtenay’s premier fitness facility:

  • We combine the best practices from both CrossFit and MovNat!
  • A no more than 8:1 Athlete to Trainer ratio assures personal attention during EVERY workout!
  • Strength, Endurance, and Movement training like vaulting and climbing!
  • Anyone can write a workout, we provide progressive and cycled programs to get YOU to YOUR goals!
  • You will get stronger, you will get faster, you will sweat and in the end you’ll be better at life.
  • We offer multiple classes 6 days a weeks so that you can get your workouts in on YOUR schedule.
  • Our coaches have years of experience and high level certifications, ensuring that you will get a safe, fun, effective workout every time.
  • We offer monthly challenges and special events where you can apply your new skills and have a ton of fun – It’s not what you can do in the gym, it’s how you can apply that to life outside the gym!

Push Ups at StrongHearts Fitness in the Comox ValleyCome on out and experience why StrongHearts is the next evolution of fitness training in the Comox Valley! Quality coaching, amazing community, fun filled workouts, and varied but intelligently designed programming will combine to get you results you didn’t even think were possible!

Try Us Out - Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

If you can make a commitment to your health and lifestyle, eat healthy, and train 2-3 days per week with 2 days on your own, you will see results. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! Call Us Today

Connect With Us!

Rings and Pull Ups at StrongHearts Fitness in the Comox Valley StrongHearts Fitness: School of Movement (home of CrossFit Courtenay and MovNat Vancouver Island) is centrally located in the  Comox Valley at 4635D Madrona Place, Courtenay BC.

That’s across the street from the new hospital site and North Island College Comox Valley Campus and just down Veterans Memorial Parkway from Home Depot and Thrifty’s.

You can send us an email below, or call us at (250) 897-0102 We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your fitness goals!

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